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Obama Drinks Filtered Flint, Mich., Water Following Meeting With Federal Officials 

While in Flint, Mich., Wednesday, President Barack Obama vouched for the safety of using certified filter water, encouraging city residents to start using filtered water instead of bottled water. 

Wintley Phipps Is Inspiring Dreams by Keeping at-Risk Youths Out of Prison

Wintley Phipps is a force of nature, standing amid a children’s choir, belting out the gospel classic “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” The performance, at Tuesday night’s 15th annual Power of a Dream Gala, was for a glittering crowd gathered to share his passion for keeping at-risk children out of prison.

“When you believe in what you are doing with all of your heart, you put your hand to the wheel,” Phipps says. “You’re running on passion and vision.”

On Tuesday night at the Washington Renaissance Hotel in D.C., the Grammy-nominated Phipps shared that passion with like-minded people, who came to support the U.S. Dream Academy, which he founded in 1998. The national after-school program is aimed at breaking the cycle of children following their incarcerated parents into prison through education, mentoring and technology-driven activities. It currently operates in seven cities, including Orlando, Fla., Salt Lake City and Washington, D.C.

For Phipps, the motivation to create the project was very personal.

“All of my wife’s brothers and sisters have been incarcerated at some point in their lives. Her older sister had six children, and five have been in prison,” Phipps explains. “You look at other kids who you know, without intervention, without help, many of them will follow their parents down that same road unless they get the kind of encouragement and guidance and motivation my wife got from the family down the street.”

Phipps’ wife, Linda Galloway, was mentored by a neighborhood Christian family who sent her away to school, which allowed her to eventually become a registered nurse. Phipps says that the U.S. Dream Academy, through a program that involves everything from mentoring to academic skill building and character building, helps over 700 kids per day and has touched the lives of thousands. He cites the story of two twins from Philadelphia: Kwame and Quentin.

“Their mother lived in Philadelphia, and while the father was incarcerated, she had twins. Those two twin black boys—both together—failed the first grade. The principal of the school reached out, and they’ve been part of our program for about six years,” Phipps says. “We see the tensions go away. Their conduct is awesome, and their academics improved significantly, and so these twin boys ... we know they’ve got a shot.”

At the ceremony Tuesday night, Jaime Casap, global education evangelist at Google, received the President’s Award for his work on education; Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.) received the Legacy Award for his work with children and criminal-justice reform; and Jarrett Adams received the MLK Jr. Award. Adams was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault at the age of 17 and sentenced to 28 years in prison. He was released after 10 years after battling for justice, graduated from the Loyola University Chicago School of Law and founded his own organization, Life After Justice. Adams says that he’s focused on helping people who have come home from prison and need access to education and a trade so that they can provide for themselves.

“We help someone all the way from being able to tie a Windsor knot for an interview to how to balance a checkbook,” Adams says. “If you provide people with the education and opportunity to provide for themselves, what reason would they have to rob and kill and steal?”

Adams says that people who read about his success should understand that his story is amazing, but it can be duplicated. He stresses, however, that it was hard work and that education is key to everyone’s success.

“Right now you have everyone floating the banner while they’re running a campaign of, ‘We’re interested in criminal-justice reform,’” Adams explains. “The only way you do that is that you provide access to education to both people who you want to keep from going in and also the people who are in and will get out.”

“This is very special, in a tough election year ... where real issues are being heard and the whole school-to-prison pipeline has been brought up by many of the candidates,” says actor Laz Alonso, who was a co-host for the event and is currently starring in NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura. “Back in the day, a lot of candidates, because of their own political affiliations, thought they could just walk into a nomination or get the black vote. Oh no, no ... you have to earn our vote, and this is what we want because ... these are areas of the community that aren’t being serviced.”

Rep. Scott, who says that he is honored to have received an award from an organization that focuses on at-risk children, notes that this is a much better way of dealing with crime than the traditional bidding wars that erupt over who can impose the harshest sentence.

“Traditionally, we just load up prisons, and we’ve followed that strategy to the point that it is counterproductive,” Scott says. “We lock up so many people now that Pew Research has calculated that we are actually adding to crime because we are messing up so many families.”

Scott says that there are several pieces of legislation being considered on Capitol Hill that could help, including the Youth PROMISE Act, to help get young people on the right track, and the SAFE Justice Act, which would reduce mandatory minimums.

Phipps cites statistics showing that 60 percent of black boys in the U.S. who don’t graduate from high school will be in prison by age 30. That’s among the problems the U.S. Dream Academy is trying to address.

“We don’t really know why school success helps the way it does—whether it is the sense of self-worth and self-esteem it fosters,” Phipps says, “but it helps to inspire dreams and success.”

University of Iowa Student Severely Injured in Racially Motivated Beating, Family Says 

A University of Iowa freshman is recovering from injuries after being severely beaten over the weekend in what his family is calling a racially motivated attack, WLS-TV reports

The List of Demands Ludacris Made for His 15-Minute Performance at the University of Ga. Is Pretty Ridiculous

There are very few things in 2016 that take me by surprise—after all, we live in a world where our federal government can look at my paltry checking account and insist that I owe them more money than they already take out of my pay stub. At this point, someone could tell me, “Hey, that black male activist is actually a documented scammer and a fraud, and arguably not black,” and you wouldn’t get much more out of me than, “Oh, that’s interesting. Pass the hot sauce, please.”


US Attorney’s Office and DEA Join Prince investigation

(Scott Gries/ImageDirect) "The DEA and US Attorney’s Office are able to augment this local investigation with federal resources and expertise about prescription drug diversion."

Drake to Host & Perform on ‘Saturday Night Live’

(David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images) Alicia Keys and Courtney Barnett will also perform on the program in May.

Beyoncé Shares Statement about North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law

(Photo: Robin Harper for Parkwood) It's one way Beyoncé is calling for everyone to get in formation.

Kehlani Tackles Depression on New Song ’24/7′

(Photo: Brianna Agcaoilli) "It's an honest look at the psychological troubles that led to her contemplate suicide."

Prince was Set to Meet with an Addiction Specialist the Day He Died

Prince circa 2000 (George De Sota/Liaison) An attorney for Dr. Howard Kornfield sheds additional information on Prince's final days.


Dayodman - Be Free Music Video


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B.M.E. - Lord Knows


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Dayodman - Swagga Performance


Artist Dayodman's song Swagga - check out the lighting I programmed.

Dayodman - FWNLM Music Video By TruePower


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We go back home with the baddest chick.


We cruise through Decatur, GA., with Jacquees.

Michael Bivins

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Kristen Wiig -- She Ain't 'Fraid to Suck Face (PHOTOS)

If there's one thing Kristen Wiig learned from shooting "Ghostbusters" it's NEVER cross the streams -- unless, of course, a tall dark mystery guy offers his stream on a romantic beach in Hawaii. Beats getting slimed ... we imagine.

Patriots Safety -- Pops a Squat ... With TV Chef On His Back!

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Martin Shkreli -- Pissed About 50 Cent Bullying ... Donates $10k!!

Plot twist: hated pharma exec Martin Shkreli actually has a few good bones in his body. We've learned Shkreli donated $10,000 to Autism Speaks after contacting the family of Andrew Farrell, the autistic airport worker who 50 Cent brutally…

Justin Bieber -- Sets Up Shop in NYC ... Draws Massive Line (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber's pop-up shop in SoHo is drawing a HUGE crowd looking to drop dough on his gear. The Biebs set up shop for two days at VFILES on Mercer Street hawking merchandise from his current Purpose tour. Check out the photos ... shirts and…

Johnny Manziel -- Smirky Mug Shot ... Booked in Domestic Violence Case (MUG SHOT)

Johnny Manziel turned himself in to authorities in Texas moments ago -- and was booked for misdemeanor assault in his domestic violence case ... TMZ Sports has learned.  The ex-NFL star gave a smirk during his mug shot.  He was released…



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