Film Review: ‘John Wick’ Starring Keanu Reeves

John Wick is a cool movie.   Action typically isn’t my thing, but there’s something about John Wick, something about...

Sneaker Of The Day: adidas Originals Tech Super “Autumn Stories” Exclusively For Sneakersnstuff

“You are now ready for autumn.”-Sneakersnstuff. Autumn is here, and with that comes the crazy, unpredictable weather this season is...

Check Out RRose RRome x Dyce Payne’s “No Lie” Single

the Canarsie crimie teams up with his D-Block affiliate for the latest track from his Take This Serious mixtape Most...

Watch The Phoenix Sun’s Isaiah Thomas Hit A Game Tying Jumper & Stare Down Floyd Mayweather Jr.

As the legendary ESPN sports anchor Stuart Scott would say…..As Cool As The Other Side Of The Pillow  Who ever...

SweeetBabyJesus Drops “Codeine” Track From New Mixtape

Midwest/ATL transplant SweetBabyJesus release the first single from his star-studded forthcoming mixtape Moving from the Midwest down south, this Atlanta...

The Root

Chicago Activists ‘Charge Genocide’

In the aftermath of the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner at the hands of police, a group of Chicago-based activists have come together to raise awareness against police brutality. Their findings were released Wednesday in a report titled “Police Violence Against Chicago’s Youth of Color,” according to DNAinfo Chicago.

Autopsy: Michael Brown Sustained Close-Range Wound to Hand

Official autopsy results show that unarmed Ferguson, Mo., teen Michael Brown was shot in the hand from close range, two unrelated experts have confirmed through analysis, according to documents seen by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Maryland Teen Found Guilty of Raping Classmate in High School Hallway

Teen Jocori Scarborough was found guilty on Tuesday of raping a classmate in a hallway of Salisbury, Md.'s Parkside High School, Salisbury's Daily Times reports.

New York Man Charged With Fatally Beating Toddler 

A New York City man has been charged in the brutal beating of his two stepchildren. One of the toddlers died as a result of the attack, the New York Post reports.

We Create More Jobs When Black Women-Owned Businesses Succeed

Each month, I discuss the monthly U.S. Department of Labor jobs report on CNBC’s Power Lunch, and the findings are often bittersweet. Economists generally feel that our country is making progress. In fact, this summer, unemployment reached its lowest rate in six years—hovering close to 6 percent. Yet, somehow, this improving trend continues to leave many African Americans behind.


Shy Glizzy Scores A$AP Rocky and 2 Chainz for ‘Awwsome’ Remix

A$AP Rocky at the premiere of his new doc, SVDDXNLY at SXSW. (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images) The two rappers jump on the regional hit from the rising artist from D.C.

Jaden Smith Gets a Love Interest in Kylie Jenner for ‘Blue Ocean’ Video: Watch

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) The whole thing is a strange, captivating look into the life of meditative, famous, and wildly well-connected 16-year-old.

The 10 Worst Halloween Candies

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Halloween is all about the sugar. Sure, there are costumes and haunted houses and haunted hayrides, but let's face it - at the end of the day, it's all about the candy.

Tyga Calls Drake ‘Fake’ & Admits He Doesn’t Get Along With Nicki Minaj in Vibe Magazine

(Photo by John Ricard/Getty Images for BET) Tyga's drama with Young Money is escalating to a new, honest level in a new interview with Vibe Magazine.




CLIP OF "THE JS REALISTATE SHOW" COMING TO DMV LOCAL TV, with special guest "SWAYZE JONES". For more information how to appear on our show, email us at:…

C-Nasty - What I Say feat. Shy Glizzy (Official Music Video)


Directed By: Dro Victorious IG: @TheRealCNasty

JoRob -Mr. Talk About'em - No Strings Attached Album


This is an exclusive!
This will be one of the most talked about R&B albums this year!

Love, Sex, Passion, Great Music

JoRob has been working hard to create an even better album than his R&B's Best Kept Secret & Room202.
The new album tittle "No Strings Attached" will hit all major downloads sites and stores this…


Scotty ATL Proves the South Has Bars

It’s southern hospitality in the form of supreme verses.

NYC Pro Biker Nigel Sylvester Breaks Barriers

“It’s the only way of life that I know.”

Obama on Canada Shooting: 'We're All Shaken by It'

President offers condolences on Ottawa killings.

What's Happening in Ferguson, Missouri?

Missouri Gov. establishes Ferguson Commission.


Teresa Giudice Will Serve Her Time At 'Orange Is The New Black' Prison

Teresa Giudice's prison life is officially headed down a familiar path ... because a N.J. judge ordered the reality TV star to serve her time behind the bars made famous by "Orange Is The New Black."After her request to spend 12 of her 15 months at…

'La Bamba' Star Elizabeth Pena -- Died from Alcohol Abuse

Elizabeth Pena -- who became famous playing Ritchie Valens' brother's baby mama in "La Bamba" -- died from complications from alcohol abuse.According to the death certificate -- obtained by TMZ -- Pena suffered from cirrhosis of the liver "due to…

Adrian Peterson Judge -- I Ain't Goin' Nowhere

Prosecutors in the Adrian Peterson child abuse case have a tough fight ahead of them ... they tried to 86 the judge for trashing them ... and they just failed.Another judge has ruled ... Judge Kelly Case will continue to preside in the trial…

Britney Spears -- I Got A New Vegas Deal ... I Make Celine Money Now!

Britney Spears was doing well with her Vegas contract -- raking in nearly $30 mil for 2 years ... but we just found out, 50 shows into her run, her show was so successful she got an even sweeter deal.Sources connected to Britney tell TMZ ... the…

Perri 'Pebbles' Reid -- TLC Movie Is Full Of Lies ... and RUINED Me!

TLC's ex-manager is a conniving, dishonest businesswoman who hoodwinked 3 innocent girls -- that's how it looked in a TV movie about the group ... and the ex-manager is now gunning for justice.Perri "Pebbles" Reid claims in a new lawsuit ... the TV…




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Blog Posts

Meek Mill ft. Lil Boosie - F**k You Mean [ Official Audio] @DMVHEAT1 @jrealistate1 DMVEAT.COM

Posted by ADMINISTRATOR on October 22, 2014 at 6:44pm 0 Comments

Pennsylvania and Louisiana collide as Meek Mill recruits Lil Boosie for his new release entitled "F*ck You Mean." Meek's next album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, will be dropping soon.

L.A. Clippers Star Blake Griffin Being Investigated For Allegedly Assaulting A Man At A Vegas Club @DMVHEAT1 @jsrealistate1 DMVHEAT.COM

Posted by ADMINISTRATOR on October 22, 2014 at 6:38pm 0 Comments

Basketball superstar Blake Griffin is being investigating by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department for an alleged assault at Tao nightclub in the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino, according to TMZ.

A man named Daniel filed a battery report about the incident that happened on Sunday, October 19.

According to Daniel, he was trying to take a photo of the crowd when Griffin became angry about the flash of the camera. The Los Angeles Clippers forward reportedly "grabbed my phone with one hand." the victim told club security.

The 6' 10" 251 pound player tried to take the phone but Daniel wouldn't let him because his credit card and I.D. were attached to it. Blake then grabbed him by the neck and told him to let go of the phone "or else."

After releasing the phone Daniel says he asked for it back and Black once again grabbed him by the throat. Security intervened and Blake told them to get Daniel "the f*** out of this club," before slapping him in the face.

Cops are looking into the…


Con Man, Avoided Jail For 2 Years By Pretending To Be In Coma. Scammed Neighbor Out Of $66K During That Time @DMVHEAT1 @jsrealistate1 DMVHEAT.COM

Posted by ADMINISTRATOR on October 22, 2014 at 6:23pm 0 Comments

Alan Knight of Swansea, South Wales was able to pull off an elaborate scheme for 2 years with help from his wife, Helen.

Knight pretended to have seizures that would put him in a coma. All the while he was scamming money from his neighbor, Alan Richards' pension. He used the $66,000 he received to fund vacations with his family.

During Knight's "vegetative" states Helen would pretend she was caring for him. Sitting for hours by his hospital bed and assisting him in a wheelchair.

However, the con man wasn't the sharpest pencil in the box. He was often spotted on CCTV shopping with his family at a Tesco supermarket, pushing a shopping basket without any problems. He was also seen driving a car. During one particular stay at a hospital, Knight was supposed to be in a coma, but doctors spotted him sitting up eating in bed.…


Suge Knight Too Old For The Club, Charlamagne Says @DMVHEAT1 @jsrealistate1 DMVHEAT.COM

Posted by ADMINISTRATOR on October 22, 2014 at 6:18pm 0 Comments

Suge Knight Too Old For The Club, Charlamagne Says

Charlamagne defends TMZ, says Chris Brown should stop "feeding the devil."

Radio host Charlamagne Da God offered advice to yet another artist, during a newly-published interview with Vlad TV. The Breakfast Club host offered his take on a recent club shooting, which took place while Suge Knight and Chris Brown were in a nightclub together, and resulted in Suge being shot numerous times.

According to Charlamagne, at nearly 50-years-old, Suge Knight is too old to be in the club and should instead “be at home playing with your grandkids” or “planting some turnips” in his backyard. He added that despite his age, Chris Brown should also avoid clubs.

“My take on that whole situation is Chris Brown just need to stay out the fuckin’ club, okay? That’s number one,” Charlamagne said. “Number two, I got nothing but respect for Suge Knight. Suge Knight’s almost 50-years-old. It comes a point in time when you gotta stop going to the club. And if you’re gonna go to the club, go to age appropriate clubs. Go to the clubs where the 50-year-old people be at. Why are you in the club with young boys like Chris Brown? And why are you still getting shot in the club at damn near 50-years-old? Think about it, man…At 50, you should be at home playing with your grandkids. Reading your grandkid stories. In your backyard planting some turnips…But you should not be in the club at 50-years-old. Nonetheless in the club still getting shot.”

In regards to the argument that the club is where new artists are…


Nicki Minaj Discusses Being Sexual With A Banana @DMVHEAT1 @jsrealistate1 DMVHEAT.COM

Posted by ADMINISTRATOR on October 22, 2014 at 6:15pm 0 Comments

Nicki Minaj Discusses Being Sexual With A Banana

The "Anaconda" performer talks power and control in the November issue of GQ.

Nicki Minaj has a featured conversation in the November issues of GQ, which is slated to hit newsstands October 28. 

The article “Nicki Minaj: Cheeky Genius” is accompanied by a colorful photo spread

When asked to discuss the female form in reference to her hit single “Anaconda,” Minaj said the song is really a simple song about some boys she dated.

She says there's no hidden meaning in the song and she explains she’s playing a character in the video. “She is just talking about two guys that she dated in the past and what they're good at and what they bought her and what they said to her,” Nicki Minaj says of her character in the GQ article. "It's just cheeky, like a funny story.’ Cheeky.

In the run up to Minaj’s third studio album The Pinkprint, her artwork has been a lightening rod for commentary. 

Despite the attention on Minaj’s assets, the artist insists that her latest video is a lesson in power dynamics in relationships.

"At first I'm being sexual with the banana, and then it's like, 'Ha-ha, no,’” she says.

Nicki Minaj says the clip's kitchen scene has significance. "Yeah, that was important for us to show in the kitchen scene, because it's always about the female taking back the power, and if you want to be flirty and funny that's fine," she says, "but always keeping the power and the control in…


Forever 21 Issues Apology After Playing Rap Song In Store @DMVHEAT1 @jsrealistate1 DMVHEAT.COM

Posted by ADMINISTRATOR on October 22, 2014 at 6:10pm 0 Comments

Forever 21 Issues Apology After Playing Rap Song In Store

A teen in Singapore pens an open letter to Forever 21 after hearing the 5th Ward Boyz' "PWA" in their store.

An open letter written by the daughter of Singaporean actor, Gurmit Singh went viral earlier this month after the teen paid a visit to a Forever 21 in a shopping mall in Singapore.

In the letter, Gabrielle Singh revealed that she was offended by the rap music being played in the store.

“Earlier today, around 8pm, I was in your Somerset 313 outlet. I was there with my mother and my baby sister, and the moment we stepped in, your store was blaring rap music. Fine. I don’t mind rap. What I did mind was the lyrics, which declared ‘half you b****** like p**** too,’” Singh said in her open letter, according to

The teen later referenced an article from the American Academy of Pediatrics about song lyrics.

“I’m looking at the American Academy of Pediatrics’ article ‘Committee on Public Education’ right now, and on page 341, it explains that explicit lyrics warp our perception of the world around us,” she said.

The song Singh likely heard during her visit to Forever 21 was the Houston, Texas-based group 5th Ward Boyz', “PWA.” On the first verse of “PWA,” 5th Ward Boyz member E-Rock raps:

“Weed and alcohol it seems to satisfy us all, indeed / Don't even trip, half of you b****** like p**** too / Love to smoke weed and get high, sip, serve / And let the freaky s*** up out /And suck the skin off a nigga d*** / I's a playa, I's a never had to trick.”

In a Tumblr blog uploaded last week, Singh provided an update on the matter and revealed that Forever 21 did apologize for the incident.

“F21 has responded and apologised for the music, which is pretty great!…


Lil Boosie Adopts New Moniker @DMVHEAT1 @jsrealistate1 DMVHEAT.COM

Posted by ADMINISTRATOR on October 22, 2014 at 6:07pm 0 Comments

Lil Boosie Adopts New Moniker

Lil Boosie will now be going by a different name.

Lil Boosie will now be going as Boosie Badazz, according to XXL

The Louisiana rapper was credited using that moniker on ”Beez Like,” a song from Jeezy’s Seen It All : The Autobiography, and “Jet Fuel,” a selection featured on T.I.’s Paperwork album. 

In September, Lil Boosie's Touch Down 2 Cause Hell album was moved from September 23 to an unspecified date.

"It's a classic,” the rapper said in September. "I ain't wanna come home and play with the mixtape game, I wanted to come home and hit 'em hard, get that machine behind it, be successful and show the world."

Game Sued Following Canceled Kentucky Derby Festival Performance @DMVHEAT1 @jsrealistate1 DMVHEAT.COM

Posted by ADMINISTRATOR on October 22, 2014 at 5:41pm 0 Comments

Game Sued Following Canceled Kentucky Derby Festival Performance

Game hit with $75,000 lawsuit by a Louisville, Kentucky-based promotion company.

According to a lawsuit filed by Dream Team Entertainment LLC last week, rapper Game skipped out on a performance at the annual Kentucky Derby Festival earlier this year because he could not serve as the headlining act.

Courthouse News reports that the Compton, California rapper signed a contract for the event on April 11 of this year and then received a $35,000 deposit for his scheduled performance, which was to take place on May 2 in Louisville, Kentucky.

In the lawsuit, Dream Team Entertainment LLC states that it received a phone call from a person representing Game informing them "that the Game would not be performing unless he was headlining the event."

The promoter claims that Game subsequently dropped out from performing at the show and did not return the $35,000 deposit or pay the $30,000 cancellation fee.

As a result, Dream Team Entertainment LLC is seeking $75,000 in damages.

Over the past few years, Game has been hit with a handful of lawsuits, including one filed on behalf of G-Unit affiliate 40 Glocc.

In 2012, 40 Glocc filed a lawsuit against Game for $4.5 million following an assault that took place earlier that year. According to the rapper, he was attacked by Game and 15 other men outside of a mansion in Hollywood, California.

9th Wonder Details Encounter With Police Officer Following A3C @DMVHEAT1 @jsrealistate1 DMVHEAT.COM

Posted by ADMINISTRATOR on October 22, 2014 at 5:40pm 0 Comments

9th Wonder Details Encounter With Police Officer Following A3C

9th Wonder says encounter with police officer proved that before producer, professor, etc. he's "black first."

In a Facebook post uploaded to his profile a little over a week ago, producer 9th Wonder provided a recap of an encounter he had with a police officer near the South Carolina border following the A3C Hip Hop Festival.

While traveling with fellow artist Rapsody and his assistant, 9th says he was pulled over after a police officer pulled up to the side of his vehicle to possibly get a look inside the car, which he says included a "Harvard Est. 1636" sign around the license plate.

He says the police officer then pulled back behind his vehicle to put on his lights and pull him over.

In his Facebook post, 9th Wonder offered a transcription of the conversation between himself and the officer after he stepped out of the car. A portion of the exchange, according to 9th, can be found below.

Officer: “Do you know why I stopped you?”

Me: “Nope”

Officer: “You moved into the rumble strip lane a little and you got a crack in your windshield..Is this your car?”

Me: “Yeah…it says Patrick Douthit on my registration”

Off: “What do you do?”

Me: “Music Producer…and I also am a Professor…”

Off: “Where?”

Me:”Harvard, Duke, and NC Central…” as I point to my license plate..”

Off: “No Kiddin…”

Me:”Would you like to see my ID’s officer?” Long pause…….

O: “Who is that in the…



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    CLIP OF "THE JS REALISTATE SHOW" COMING TO DMV LOCAL TV, with special guest "SWAYZE JONES". For more information how to appear on our show, email us at: jsre...
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